by Marco Cuadrante

The colonial mentality, by definition, is simply preferring western culture over our own, the Philippine culture. This can be seen in language and arts, and is very special to our country. In the words of Lora Domingo, it comes with the idea of us wanting to be white, with the idea that white is right.

It is undeniable that this mentality is present in our country. OPM is unoriginal, Filipino movies are boring, Filipino artists are copycats, it’s everywhere, and it’s a problem.

I am not all saying that we need to reject western culture as a whole. It’s perfectly fine to listen to Coldplay, it’s fine to love the masterpieces of Martin Scorsese, and it’s fine to appreciate foreign art.

What I am trying to push however, is that our country is more than capable of making great things too. We shouldn’t belittle our country just because our budgets are lower and that our actors aren’t as pretty. We can’t generalize the aspiring Filipino artist into an idea that they all have cliché ideas and copy off the greats. In doing so, we’re crushing dreams, and we lose our identity as a country. We need to make the effort to find a spark of hope in our culture, an effort to see some art that can compare to western culture. We need to find more Loonies, more Ransom Collectives, more Erik Mattis. We should be able to see the love and effort that Filipinos put into keeping our culture and name alive.

Sources cited: Lora Domingo, Colonial Mentality, taken from http://opinion.inquirer.net/78220/colonial-mentality


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